Find Freedom at our substance abuse recovery center

Genesis Rehabilitation, LLC (GRC) employees are thoroughly trained and understand that alcohol and/or substance abuse addiction is a disease that has the following characteristics: chronic, progressive, life-threatening, causes relapses, has a genetic disposition, is intertwined with possible mental issues, and is highly stigmatized. All staff is consistently in training that explains and demonstrates that addiction is a behavior and demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • exists over a period of time
  • causes life wreckage
  • and is a progressive and chronic illness

GRC staff fully understands that addiction is a disease and that the client requires professional help with appropriate services to better reclaim their lives from alcohol and/or substance abuse and begin their path to recovery and treatment with full agency support. As stated above, with addition and stages of change (the transtheoretical model of change) a client must travel to gain control over the addiction and their lives. the stages of change in addictive behavior are:

Precontemplation – May/may not be aware of change, avoids topics, knows little about it

Contemplation – Considers increasing advantage and decreasing the disadvantage of change.

Preparation – Commitment to change ad creating a plan

Action – Implementing the plan, revising the plan as needed, may relapse

Maintenance – Continues to make changes, becomes more, habitual implement strategies to assist in the prevention of slips/relapses and

Relapse – Part of the change process, can be used as a learning tool via analysis

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