Our recovery center brings healing to the entire family.

GRC focuses on strengthening family values by attempting to engage the client’s significant others into their treatment. Alcohol and/or drug problems are the result complex interactions of biological, social, and psychological factors that change with each individuals development and growth stage. These risk factors are directly related to their family, both in terms and structure and dynamics. Family-related factors may be correlated with higher levels of substance abuse; behavior that facilitates or ignores substance abuse; management and parenting practices; unclear expectations; inconsistent/harsh discipline; and internal/structure boundaries or conflict. Treatment services are designed to help improve the lives of each family member and directed toward the following:

  • Improving family functioning
  • Increasing social support
  • Increasing parenting skills
  • Increasing school and employment attendance
  • Improving household living conditions, and decreasing family violence

The agency provides two separate treatment modalities depending on the individual needs of each admitted client based on established admission readmission and intake procedures. The modalities are; Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient services, each with its own criteria for program admittance.