Our drug and alcohol treatment center attends to recovery through our outpatient services.

Our program addresses dual diagnosis disorders — the presence of two independent medical disorders within psychiatry and addiction. Each admitted client must have a primary focus on the diagnosis within the DSM 5 of the substance dependency related disorders (AXIS I) to be eligible for the program’s treatment services. Admitted clients are assessed by a licensed or certified staff on a case-by-case basis which determines services are individualized and ensures that the program meets their individual treatment need.

All treatment activities and services are documented in the client’s individual case file. Again, if the client is not appropriate for the agency they will be referred to a community-based organization (CBO) that better suits their service needs. Our services generally target individuals who are referred to as substance abusers with mental issues who have a diagnosed DSM 5 (AXIS I) disorder. GRC provides both individual and group sessions. All clients are expected to attend each assigned service activity/group scheduled by the certified counselor and/or licensed staff depending on their treatment plan that demonstrates the severity of the substance abuse problem.

Program Evaluation

GRC continues its intake process of tracking all clients who enter the program and receive treatment services. Program staff develops outcome objectives and performance standards on an annual basis. These procedures include both program and client goals and objectives. The executive, clinical director, and staff ensure that all functional areas have established to ensure that annual assessment of work assignments occur through monthly reports that identify the number of clients successfully completing the program. Monthly reports will also identify clients who leave without successful completion of the program. GRC process of evaluation includes quarterly reports that delineate the number of clients completing or leaving the program. This allows GRC prior to the end of the year to review and make any changes required to accomplish the stated goals for the year.